Orchestrating a Travelling Exhibition

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Not-for-profit North Star Alliance wanted to better engage with its European-based partners, and to share the good news about its expansion across Africa. We created a travelling multimedia exhibition that included a replica of its unique ‘blue box’ wellness centers, featuring the sights and sounds of a typical African transport corridor, and a powerful documentary film about North Star’s mission. The multimedia exhibition took the North Star story, quite literally, on the road to more than 40 locations in six European countries.

About the client

The North Star Alliance is a public-private partnership that provides mobile populations in Africa with sustainable access to quality health services. www.northstar-alliance.org

The following films were created to support this project

At the Crossroads
This documentary tells the story of a 45-year-old long-haul truck driver from Malawi who combats loneliness and health risk on Africa’s deadliest roads.

The Making of the North Star Alliance Road Show
This film describes how the North Star multimedia exhibition came together, and why it travelled to more than 40 locations across Europe to tell its story.

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